“He’s not stupid.” Klopp assures that Edwards did not try to keep him at Liverpool

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“He’s not stupid.” Klopp assures that Edwards did not try to keep him at Liverpool

Jürgen Klopp described Michael Edwards as the “optimal choice” for Liverpool’s next chapter, but stressed that the new general manager did not try to convince him to stay on as manager.

Klopp and Edwards have been in talks since the latter’s return to a more prominent role at Fenway Sports Group, which tasked the 44-year-old with shaping Liverpool’s future and leading the acquisition of a second club. The pair’s close relationship cooled at the end of Edwards’ time as sports director Cheap Liverpool Football Jerseys in 2022, but Klopp believes the appointment is ideal for the club he is leaving.

“I have said several times that I want to see the club in the best possible place after I leave,” he – Klopp said.

“I think it’s the best solution, to be honest, and our conversation was great. We talked about a lot of things, what I think about different things; the players, the situations at the club, because I was here the whole time he was gone, what has changed and what might change. It was a really good conversation and that’s the best news for the club.”

Edwards is expected to install Richard Hughes as Liverpool’s sporting director and hire Klopp’s successor along with Bournemouth’s outgoing technical director. According to Klopp, he has not raised the subject of the manager’s possible return on his future.

“No, because, which is very important in his job, he’s not stupid.” – Klopp said. “It wasn’t a topic of conversation. Can you imagine that I would change my mind now? Of course not. It would be like me saying I would never move to another club in England, and in a year’s time signing a contract with our neighbors or a club that needs a coach. I don’t say such things without thinking it through first.

“It would mean that only now did I realize how great this club is – I knew that all along. For me, it’s the best club in the world, and I’m leaving anyway. I just want this club to do as well as possible, and I’m really confident that [it can happen] if we create a good foundation with the right people in charge, and Michael is the best choice.”

Liverpool will confirm its place in the quarterfinals of the Europa League at Anfield on Thursday, unless Sparta Prague makes a miraculous comeback, losing 5:1 in the first game.

Cheap Mohamed Salah Football Jerseys needs one goal to become the first Liverpool player to score 20 goals in all competitions for seven consecutive seasons. It could be his first club appearance since the New Year, as Klopp builds the striker’s fitness ahead of Sunday’s FA Cup match against Cheap Manchester United football jerseys.

“I’m not sure if he’s ready for 90 minutes or if we should play 90 minutes, but he’s ready to start.” – Klopp said. “We all know that Mo can usually play game after game.

“He was absent for a surprisingly long time, but now that he’s back, we have to make sure we can rely on him again. We have 10 more Premier League games ahead of us and hopefully many more cup and European games, all of which are equally important.”